Representative Office Hong Kong

We opened our Hong Kong Representative Office in the second half of 2018. Our offices are on the 19th floor of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) in West Kowloon. The location is perfectly embedded in the local infrastructure so that clients can visit us quickly and easily. In addition there is a direct connection to the Hong Kong Airport Express, which brings international business partners from the world's busiest airports to our offices in only 20 minutes. Furthermore, our direct access to high-speed rail via the Hong Kong station offers maximum comfort for travel from mainland China.


Our Hong Kong office currently employs a staff of three, whose activities are aligned and governed under the LRO license issued in August 2018 by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Through general marketing and the nurturing of a local network, the office is successfully contributing to the development of new business relationships. Furthermore, the multilingual staff helps to connect potential clients with our headquarter in Liechtenstein where the client relationships are managed from by our staff speaking the client’s mother tongue. The Hong Kong Representative Office is not involved in banking activities or the advising process.


History has shown that geographic diversification represents one of the key factors for the preservation of family wealth across generations. Our Hong Kong office offers Asian families direct access to our bank in Liechtenstein, where our clients' assets are booked and administered in one of the safest, most stable jurisdictions in the world (AAA rating). Having a marketing platform in Hong Kong offers significant advantages in understanding the market’s needs as well as bridging the time difference.


Our Hong Kong Representative Office also contributes in crucial ways to the continued development of expertise in the Asian market that we have gained over many years. Information on trends and developments is passed first hand to our specialists in Liechtenstein, which allows customer expectations to be promptly identified, thus helping us to proactively customise the bank's service offerings. Accordingly, we both support our Asian clients in getting established in Liechtenstein and simultaneously offer added value for our partners from other markets as they seek to expand their business or investment activities in Asia.


Hong Kong Representative Office

Unit 1905, Level 19
International Commerce Centre
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon