Depositary / Paying Agent


Mutual funds in most continental Europe are supposed to have their assets deposited with a depositary bank. In the best interest of the fund’s investors, the depositary at the same time is in charge to overlook the activity of the funds and its asset managers.

We act as depositary of both investment funds pursuant to the Liechtenstein Investment Undertakings Act (IUA) and EU/EEA harmonised fund types UCITS and AIF.

Paying agent

Paying agent function for bonds

Depositary / Paying Agent

We are a business partner of SIX SIS Ltd., the Swiss central securities depository (CSD).

As the main paying agent towards SIX SIS Ltd., BENDURA BANK AG supports its customers at issuing, corporate actions and technical maintenance of their company share, bond and other financial instrument issuances, which tend to be deposited with the CSD as uncertificated securities (“Wertrechte”) or in the form of global certificates, which then renders them dematerialised securities (“Bucheffekten”).

These dematerialised financial instruments can be transferred to other banks via the securities clearing systems (SIX SIS, Clearstream, Euroclear, CREST, Monte Titoli, etc.). The dematerialisation is a prerequisite for electronically processable OTC trading with these financial instruments or for an exchange listing.