Mortgage loans

We are happy to help finance your dream property.

Mortgage loans


BENDURA BANK AG grants mortgage loans of CHF 500‘000 minimum or equivalent in Euros based on the Swiss model.


Swiss model

Under the Swiss model there is a first mortgage and a second mortgage.
The first mortgage is two thirds of the purchase price, so 67% maximum of the purchase Price.
The second mortgage is between 67% and 80% of the purchase Price.The remaining 20% of the purchase price is financed by the borrower’s own means.



There is NO amortization with the first mortgage, only the interest is paid. The second mortgage is amortized over 15 years.


DACH region

Apart from the domestic market, BENDURA BANK AG focuses on the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and predominantly on residential properties in this Region.


Marketability/ lending limit

The lending limit is 80% for marketable residential properties.
Assessment of marketability determines whether the property would attract many or few potential interested buyers.Luxury properties are not marketable; BENDURA BANK AG mortgages them at 60%.