BENDURA BUSINESS CENTER AG, in establishment – a 100% subsidiary of BENDURA BANK AG – will let office space to commercial businesses and service providers. Potential tenants are legal entities that hold a commercial license and employ sufficiently qualified personnel. The enterprises that rent have the benefit of physical proximity to a reliable financial services provider.


Place of actual administration, substance

Legal structuring in regard to the taxing of internationally active enterprises has led to a much greater focus on the so-called “place of actual administration”. Enterprises are no longer being taxed (exclusively) based on their residency; instead they are increasingly also being taxed where they are administered and led. A lack of substance at the place of actual administration can quickly translate into a criminal act by way of a violation of money laundering regulations. It is completely understandable under these circumstances that it is increasingly important to provide evidence of physical substance at the place of residency, which proves to be no easy task. Liechtenstein has positioned itself for years as an extremely attractive alternative: The location in the heart of Europe provides a perfect infrastructure connection to the local economy. The local tax system assesses a flat tax of only 12.5% for its corporate income tax. Thanks to the high-level education system in the region, expert workers are readily available, often with a domicile in Austria or Switzerland who commute to Liechtenstein. Likewise worth noting are the attractive possibilities for legal structuring – for example, a Liechtenstein AG/GmbH can be held directly by a Liechtenstein trust. Distributions from the trust do not give rise to a tax obligation until the moment they are received by the beneficiary. Income from Liechtenstein dividends is tax-free at the trust level in Liechtenstein.


Renting office space 

The BENDURA BUSINESS CENTER AG, in establishment, will offer office space for rent starting from 1 October 2019. The offices are located in Gamprin-Bendern, Schaaner Strasse 27, Top 2/11, in direct proximity to BENDURA BANK AG.


Your benefits

  • Office spaces of 20 m2
  • Electricity
  • Water, heating and air conditioning
  • Internet
  • Reception
  • Post office service without franking
  • Meeting rooms on request
  • Fully furnished
  • Telephone connection

We would be delighted to offer you more information about our long-term office rentals in person, by telephone or by e-mail.