Expansion of the Board of Management of


BENDURA BANK AG gains two new members of the Board of Management

At the beginning of the year, BENDURA BANK AG expanded its Board of Management from three to five members. After the appointment of Dr. Markus Federspiel as the new CEO in fall last year, the Board of Management of the fourth largest bank in the Principality has now been expanded by Mr. Thomas Ludescher and Mr. Philipp Forster. The two new members of the Board of Management were recruited internally, reflecting the continuity and sustainable personnel orientation of the bank. Philipp Forster, the new Chief Customer Officer (CCO), successfully managed the Representative Office of Bendura Bank in Hong Kong for many years. Thomas Ludescher was previously responsible for the Trading & Treasury division of the bank and in his new role as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) he will now focus on the long-term strategy development of the bank.

CEO Dr Markus Federspiel is pleased about the reinforcement at Board level. "The new Board of Management enjoys the fullest confidence of the Board of Directors and in this constellation our bank is ideally equipped for a successful business year 2023 as well as future challenges," says Markus Federspiel.

The responsibilities within the Board of Management are distributed as follows:

Dr. Markus Federspiel


Thomas Ludescher

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Philipp Forster

Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Stefan MÄDER

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Marcel WYSS

Chief Risk Officer (CRO)


Short portraits of the members of the Board of Management can be found here.


BENDURA BANK AG in a nutshell

BENDURA BANK AG offers its clients tailor-made financial services in the areas of asset management, investment advice and the issuance of securities. BENDURA BANK is committed to traditional Liechtenstein banking and financial services and serves its international clients with a team of highly qualified and motivated experts.

Dr. Markus FEDERSPIEL, Mag.

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