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Investment Outlook April 2024

Last month, Europe’s central bankers were busy. Major institutions on the continent displayed a vast range in potential outcomes for monetary policy. Specifically, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde floated the notion that the ECB would not cut rates... ...
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Annual Report 2023

BENDURA BANK AG holds its ground in a challenging market environment and can look back on a pleasing financial year in view of the challenging market environment. ...
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Our Private Clients Department, which was specifically founded for this sector, specializes in supporting entrepreneurial families and wealthy private clients and offers personal, individual and competent advice in 25 languages. ...
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Equity markets maintained upwards trajectory throughout February, with multiple indices achieving new record highs. The S&P 500 had already hit a new high in the previous month and surged past ...
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Investment Outlook February 2024

In January stocks in the US and Europe continued their way up, marking the third consecutive month of gains and achieving several record highs. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 ...
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Investment Outlook January 2024

Year 2023 defied the pessimism that loomed through the whole year. Despite initial forecasts of a US recession and global downturn by numerous experts, the year witnessed a remarkable surge ...
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Investment Outlook December 2023

November turned out to be a remarkable month. The majority of assets experienced an upward trend, including highly risky assets like cryptocurrencies. The primary reason behind this is the market’s ...
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Investment Outlook November 2023

Global stock markets experienced a turbulent period, with the selling pressure intensifying in the final weeks of October. This was driven by rising yields, increased uncertainty stemming out of the ...
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