Investment advice

Experience shows that certain customers want to look after their investments themselves. For them, the bank should ideally fill the role of an advisor or a party with whom to exchange opinions. The bank will also issue such customers with periodic investment proposals, which are based on their specific investment profiles. Here, the key parameters are as follows: the desired reference currency, the general risk appetite and the investment goal targeted for the medium term.

In such cases, as the investor, you decide for yourself in a face-to-face discussion whether or not you wish to implement the recommendations of our bank. Important: You make the final investment decision yourself and are responsible for the same. Use of this service is contingent on you being available to our consultants in person, by phone or by email and having sufficient time available.


How you benefit

  • To help you achieve your investment objectives, as the investor, we will provide you with a tailor-made investment proposal taking your personal circumstances and risk profile into account.
  • As your bank, we analyze and assess new financial products on an ongoing basis as well as individual investment categories and market segments. If we consider market developments, new share issues or capital increases may be of interest to you as investors, we will provide you with a corresponding investment proposal.
  • We also monitor all maturities, repayments, conversions, credits and debits on your behalf. If, according to our assessment, there is a need to take action, we will submit a relevant proposal to you.
  • We designate a dedicated contact person for you, available during normal banking hours, to help implement investment decisions and ensure adequate representation if any hindrance prevents this.
  • Every six months, we will issue you with an asset status including a performance record.
  • You make the investment decisions or decide which investment recommendations you wish to implement and which not.