Asset Management

Your assets in safe hands

Successful asset investment in volatile financial markets presents a growing challenge. Key to success is constant monitoring and in-depth analysis of investments, to optimally exploit opportunities and calculate risks, despite the ever-fluctuating market Environment.

Subject to granting an administrative mandate, our portfolio management specialists will gladly take on this challanging task for you. We can manage your assets professionally, thanks to our experienced investment experts monitoring the markets on an ongoing basis and making the right investment decisions.

Achieve your financial goals

We help you achieve your financial goals by operating in line with our investment philosophy. The key element here is jointly determining your individual customer profile, while taking specific requirements into account.

You benefit from…

… the commitment, experience and expertise of your personal consultant and investment specialists as well as the entire infrastructure of a modern banking institution. The investment policy of BENDURA BANK AG also includes strict implementation of the investment process and is subject to constant review by the investment committee.

Our investment strategies

In the reference currencies EUR/USD/CHF

The basic prerequisite for constant growth in value is a broad diversification of investments. Here, the following rule of thumb applies: Investment in at least 7 countries and for each country, at least 7 separate investments, each of which should be similar in size.

Based on the applicable personal circumstances, each investor must decide whether to invest exclusively in fixed-income, shares or a mixture of both.

Our decades of experience show that index-oriented investment allows for a particularly attractive risk / return situation. This is why we are only trying to track the respective country indices (for example, DAX, S&P 500, etc.) in our stock recommendations.