With an asset management mandate, our experts immediately begin taking care of your investments: You can sleep well regardless of the markets and focus on the finer things in life. Asset management is at the heart of our work at BENDURA BANK AG. Whether you would like to protect your wealth against inflation or increase it over the long term with shares, we offer the optimal investment solution for you.


  • Broad financial pallet with open architecture
  • Various strategies with regional emphasis
  • Flexibility regarding individual investment preferences
  • Experienced, specialized experts administer your portfolio in close collaboration with the world’s leading research specialists and strategists
  • Ongoing analysis and monitoring of your investments with the newest technological tools, including Bloomberg and Morningstar
  • Investment reporting and portfolio discussion directly with our specialists
  • Transparency: You pay only one fee which includes everything

Minimum amount

BENDURA BANK AG offers asset management mandates starting from CHF 500,000 or equivalent.

Strategies & Pricing

Strategy Currencies Risk levels All-in fee
BENDURA Global  USD, EUR, CHF Five: 1 to 5 1.20% – 1.7%
BENDURA Asia USD Two: 2 to 3 1.35% – 1.5%
BENDURA Eastern Europe USD Two: 2 to 3 1.35% – 1.5%

Beyond that we offer custom-made strategies. Discuss your wishes with your BENDURA customer advisor.