Based in Liechtenstein, one of the world’s safest and most stable jurisdictions (AAA country rating), BENDURA BANK AG enjoys the perfect foundation of a liberal national economy in one of the most business-friendly financial centres in the world. With regard to our business policy, BENDURA BANK AG has long nurtured a conservative business profile and thus has consistently delivered solid performance figures. Our customers choose us because of the risks we avoid, not because of the risks we take.

Our customers are at the heart of our thoughts and actions at all times. Personal advice, discretion and professionalism are more than just slogans for us. We have built a team of long-time, experienced customer advisors, who draw on a broad team of internal specialists in order to develop individual, tailored solutions. The interests of our international, institutional and high-net-worth private customers are always our highest concern.

Regardless of where our customers are from, we want them to feel at home with us. For that reason we also work with our customers through financial intermediaries in their region. These partners include trustees, family offices, asset administrators, lawyers, tax advisors and chartered accountants. Our independence vis-à-vis third parties allows us to base our actions solely on the interests of our customers. In addition, our multicultural approach – that is, the languages of all of our core markets are handled by native speakers in our customer advisory services – separates us from the pack and is highly valued. The Bendura philosophy also means that our entrepreneurially oriented customers work with like-minded, entrepreneurial partners at the bank. By giving our employees the opportunity to become shareholders of the bank, they are able to participate in the earnings of the bank and thus themselves act as entrepreneurs.

In our actions we hold ourselves to the following principles which are also documented in our Code of Conduct:

  • Observing our duty of care and privacy
  • Preserving our reputation
  • Reliability through responsible action
  • Integrity by acting in accordance with ethical principles
  • Fairness in regard to our competitors
  • Commitment to advancing the banking and financial centre of Liechtenstein
  • Innovation for the purpose of increasing the attractiveness, competitive ability and professionalism of the banking and financial centre of Liechtenstein
  • Motivation, specialised technical expertise, loyalty and integrity of our employees
  • Transparency in communication to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Solidarity by assuming social responsibility

We are dedicated to supporting organisations that help those in need and have put this commitment into action for many years through our partnership with the Special Needs Centre of the Principality of Liechtenstein (HPZ), which makes Christmas cards for us and lovingly crafts small works of art by hand which are then sent to our customers around the world. This shows that we are anchored in Liechtenstein, even if we are at home throughout the world.

In the future we will continue to seek opportunities to further our development, to use progress to our benefit and to support projects that help our clients feel completely comfortable with us. Join us on this journey and discover our true values!

Discovering True Values